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Celebrating the most innovative products, services and technology reshaping UK housing.

Awards Ceremony: Thursday 10th February

Venue: Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham

There’s barely a corner of the UK housing sector that hasn’t been touched by the long arm of innovation. Whether it’s payments, fire safety, tenant engagement or construction, housing is an industry that’s constantly evolving – for the sake of both its workers and residents.
The proof is hard to miss. Every day, we read about a new modular housing development, a new retrofit initiative, a new approach to tenant engagement or a new IT solution that reminds us of the sector’s unrelenting search for a better way of doing things.
Many of these innovations have been driven by the new and evolving threats, to which innovation can reveal the solution. Decarbonisation, digital engagement, building safety, and the delivery of new homes are all significant issues the sector is currently having to grapple with and which it will no doubt overcome.
With the pace of change growing faster and our needs more urgent, we can be forgiven for failing to taken the time to celebrate the individuals and organisations who keep out sector facing firmly toward the future. The Housing Digital Innovation Awards will provide that moment of reflection, carving out a space to champion the dedication, talent, and unrelenting drive of those striving to make UK housing a place of continued innovation and excellence.



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