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Switchee is Europe’s largest platform of internet connected devices for social housing, receiving over 8 billion data points per year, giving real-time actionable insights into property performance. Our personalised dashboard empowers social landlords to proactively identify properties at risk of condensation, damp or mould and flag potential fuel poverty, with real-time data collected by our smart thermostat installed in residents’ homes.

Why Switchee?
Empowered by Switchee data, social landlords are able to proactively manage residents’ homes, taking action to prevent disrepair. With a Switchee device installed, residents’ energy use is optimised, lowering heating bills by up to 17%.
As the first B-Corp certified technology partner in social housing, Switchee is committed to ensuring everything we do, from product manufacture through to day-to-day operations, is with carbon reduction in mind.



TCW has revolutionised how all levels of Housing Providers interact with essential data to see risk more clearly. With the launch of our new features, this now means we cover the Big 6 compliance disciplines in the same way we can manage any other legal obligations you have. 

And, when we say more than the Big 6, we mean more! This includes Smoke and Fire Management, Emergency Lighting, PAT, Invoicing, DDA documents … the list goes on. TCW can be applied to anything and results can be gleaned in minutes!

With 10,000s of documents passing through the software each week, TCW provides comprehensive validation, accurate data analytics and powerful insights to manage budgets and lifecycle obligations.




Energy Angels’ free energy management service for empty properties (voids) and residents helps UK based Social Landlords, managing around 1.25M homes and rising. 

We approach every void with urgency to restore power, reset any prepayment debts and roll out smart meters. We’ll help your repairs and maintenance teams to carry out their works more efficiently, resulting in residents moving into their homes more quickly. 

Our bespoke portal gives end to end management with useful data and insights, plus we offer free energy during void periods and consolidated billing, so we’re a big hit with Finance Departments too. 



Founded in 2003, Mobysoft is a trusted provider of data-driven platforms tailored for the social housing sector. Our platforms are built on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology and employ Machine Learning to empower social landlords with a suite of systems designed to enhance income-collection and repairs services, benefiting tenants, workers and organisations alike. 

Our key platforms include RentSense, RepairSense, Intelligent Automation, and FTA Essentials, each addressing critical aspects of the social housing industry whilst providing proven and trusted outcomes. 



Prodo an award-winning digital transformation agency that helps landlords to improve transparency, build trust with residents and unlock greater capacity through an accessible digital platform and its service transformation expertise.

Our integrated platform nurtures the customer through the journey from finding a property, the applications process, onboarding into the property, managing their rent account along with raising repairs and requests.
With an enviable client list and a mission to unlock greater capacity and customer choice through digital, Prodo clients are already delivering efficient digital services, getting ready for regulation, and transforming CX.




Our award-winning media production services help housing associations create compelling content that explains, engages, promotes and showcases all the great work they are doing.

Our projects include explainer videos, corporate plan promotions, change and transformation features as well as stories that really get to the heart of the difference being made to customers and colleagues.



With over 30 years of expertise and more than 20,000 customers globally, Advanced has a proven track record of providing best-in-class digital solutions for the housing sector.

Whether you’re a private or social housing landlord, it’s easy to get budgeting under control with Advanced Financials, our agile financial platform that lets you view payments and reports at any time, from any place.

When it comes to HR, our People Management solution makes it easy to manage time & attendance, performance & talent, payroll, and employee feedback, all from an accessible centralised platform. And for when you’re on the go, Field Service Management allows you to schedule work in real time, making your workday more efficient.

Find your digital solution at
0330 191 0449



Aico, an Ei Company, are the European leader in home life safety, pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms, developed and manufactured in Ireland. All Aico alarms meet UK standards and offer a variety of sensor types to guarantee protection for every home, the cornerstone of which is delivering education, quality, service and innovation.

In 2020, we expanded our Connected Home offering with the acquisition of leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, HomeLINK. HomeLINK leverages cutting edge smart home integration and analytics technologies, providing a complementary platform to present a synergistic approach to IoT.

Aico works in partnership with the sector to provide a platform for thought leadership and discussion, in order to promote good practice in home life safety, engage with communities and create safer homes.



AIM Housing is an innovative disruptor in energy efficiency retrofit and property asset management.

Through the digitisation of housing stock and the provision of a centralised data hub, AIM Housing enhances accuracy, compliance, and efficiency throughout the retrofit journey, in addition to providing remote asset management, driving value and significantly reducing site visits, carbon emissions and cost.

Digitise | Centralise | Maximise



Founded in 2004, Alertacall helps as many people as possible feel safe, connected and informed by combining ingenious technology and award-winning human contact.

Alertacall’s digital engagement solution helps housing associations proactively know their customers and properties by putting a portable touchscreen in every home, offering a daily property check through the optional OKEachDay service, plus repairs reporting, tenant surveys and much more. We also offer Beyond Warden Call™, an easier, simpler and lower-cost ‘warden call’ solution with video-door entry, dispersed telecare and smoke alarms.

Alertacall’s services are tried and trusted by 50+ housing providers nationally.

Book a demonstration on contact@alertacall.com



Creating safer, happier and enriched communities through technology, people and innovation.

Our market-leading Technology Enabled Care services have been empowering people to live more independently for over 30 years. We provide digital hardwired and dispersed alarms alongside robust monitoring solutions. Both work in tandem with our innovative, cloud-based management and information tools, helping you move to digital Technology Enabled Care with confidence.



Every year new technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge—yet despite this constant innovation, high-profile breaches are all over the headlines.

In response, organisations have scrambled to develop a better security posture, but the dizzying array of options leaves resource-constrained IT and security leaders wondering how to proceed.

Enter Arctic Wolf, the market leader in Security Operations.

Using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf® Platform, we help organisations end cyber risk by providing security operations as a concierge service. Arctic Wolf solutions include Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, Managed Security Awareness, and Incident Response; each delivered by our Concierge Delivery Model.

Highly-trained security experts work as an extension of internal teams to provide 24×7 monitoring, detection and response, as well as ongoing risk management to proactively protect organisations while continually strengthening their security posture.



Since 2005, our software has led the UK in Community Safety Case Management. We combine software innovation, current legislation, industry best practice and real caseworker feedback, to deliver a solution trusted by hundreds of organisations across the UK. Our REACT case management Solution is used in social housing, councils, safety partnerships, mediation organisations and more.



Central Networks and Technologies (Central) is a strategic technology business that offers a breadth of IT support – including infrastructure, cloud, and managed services – and we have a rich history in working with clients in the social housing sector.

As a family-run company that’s been around for over 30 years, we’re well-versed in supporting the IT needs of organisations within the housing industry – having collaborated with clients such as Bron Afon, SOHA, The Regenda Group, and Horton Housing, to name a few.

As a trusted technology partner, our purpose is to restore organisations’ faith in IT and make technology projects stress free. Our personalised and collaborative approach is strategic, considered, and thoughtful – we truly care about our customers and making sure they get the best from their IT solutions.



Crimson helps housing associations get the most from their investment in Microsoft cloud technologies, delivering intelligent customer, community and colleague experiences.

Crimson takes an iterative approach to give providers the confidence to move forward. Crimson’s IT recruitment services division helps providers source hard-to-find permanent and contract IT talent. The company is powered by the £1BN Nash Squared network.



The Home of End-to-End IoT Solutions
Our story begins with the convergence of two innovative entities: Hiotlabs and Caption Data, now collectively known as Polygon Digital Solutions. We offer a full spectrum of remote monitoring solutions, encompassing hardware, software-as-a-service, implementation, and support, tailored to both commercial and industrial needs.

Caption Data brings a distinctive set of principles to the table, adaptable to virtually any application across various industries. These principles enable us to capture and deliver the data that matters most to you. In 2022, CDL aqquired by Polygon Group, propelling our digital offerings into the international arena. This strategic move amplifies our commitment to innovation and growth.



Enghouse Interactive: Helping housing associations deliver efficient, engaging customer service to all.

Enghouse Interactive works with over 120 housing associations, providing them with the customer engagement solutions they need to improve performance, solve customer queries faster and increase agent productivity – all enhancing the customer experience and ensuring they meet their overall objectives. We understand your specific business needs and how best to meet them.

Our comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions spans omnichannel contact centres, computer telephony integration (CTI), self-service, knowledge management, operator consoles, call recording and quality monitoring, media voice services, outbound diallers and real-time video collaboration.

Find out more and read testimonials from some of our 120 housing association customers at https://enghouseinteractive.co.uk/



Esuasive delivers powerful and insightful business solutions for social housing providers, leading with the best-designed, most complete Microsoft-based solution in the sector, Esuasive Housing.

Esuasive Housing is a suite of modular components that streamline sales, lettings, case management, asset management, repairs, housing management and rents and service charge processes, with pre-built customisable dashboards providing strategic insights and a single view of your data.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, deployable incrementally, and implemented through our True Agile approach, Esuasive Housing replaces or integrates with your existing systems to shorten time to value and accelerate your digital transformation.



FLS – FAST LEAN SMART is Europe’s technology leader for real-time field service scheduling and dynamic route planning. Our customers maintain over 500,000 properties across the UK and Europe.

Today, all HMS and repairs management software includes some form of field force scheduling capability, however, none offer truly cost-optimised appointment booking and scheduling that comes close to the accuracy and efficiencies that can be achieved with FLS VISITOUR.

Customers include landlords and contractors, optimising in real-time for maintenance, repairs, inspections, voids, housing officers and more.

FLS VISITOUR supports your Tenant Satisfaction Measures with intelligent features such as predictive, traffic-based driving times to ensure reliable service, including same day. Our customers save 30-50% of travel which translates into more jobs completed, more time with customers, reduced fuel costs and CO2 reduction.




Established in 2001, Home Connections is a pioneering non-profit software house and social enterprise, owned and led by local authorities and housing associations across the UK. 

Specializing in housing needs software, relocation and move-on support, and digital design and data services, we’ve been at the forefront of the housing sector’s digital evolution for over two decades – supporting over 200 organisations in the housing sector to advance their digital transformation, prevent and relieve homelessness and help people ultimately secure the home of their choice.



Marketing by Home (HOME) is a unique, not-for-profit marketing agency based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. 

Delivered by the in-house team at Stockport Homes Group, HOME is proud to work with organisations from across the UK that offers services to benefit both people and place. From brand positioning and visual identity to creative campaigns and social media management, HOME helps socially led organisations connect with their customers and local communities.

We’re always happy to help businesses that make a difference, and we can’t wait to speak with you about your marketing strategy.

Contact the team at HOME today to speak with someone on the team. hello@marketingbyhome.com



For professionals engaged in fire safety decisions, Honeywell Fire offers pioneering protection that leverages early detection and connectivity to deliver a faster, more accurate emergency response with greater visibility and uptime and less disruption.



Software in local government is broken. Exorbitant contracts. Bloated products. Failed needs. 

We want to free every housing provider from “software solutions” which are not fit for purpose by building SaaS products that solve challenges shared by landlords. 

We believe we can – and should – do better for social housing providers and residents.



MIS Active Management Systems have provided integrated housing management solutions for 40 years.

Developed in-house in the UK, ActiveH is an intelligent social housing management software solution that harnesses the latest developments in technology to deliver feature rich, highly usable and extremely scalable business solutions to the social housing market.

Backed by Incline-IT, our customers are able to leverage our flexible and innovative IT services as we deliver IT services built around you. We maximise the value of your IT investments and keep your business up to speed with cutting edge technology and services designed with scalability in mind.



We are a specialist provider of scheduling and optimisation services for the Field Service and Housing sector.

More-IQ is a true cloud reactive and real-time resource scheduling and optimisation SAAS application with tour planning and dynamic scheduling features.
– The solution provides a REAL global optimisation giving savings of 30% – 40% travel-time on top of a basic route optimisation solution.
– The cloud nature of the solution provides fantastic features for small and large businesses with no need for investment in hardware.
– Its high configurability and unique multi workflow algorithm allows use across a multitude of field service areas.



ODCGIS have been working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations for 30 years offering a GIS data capture and consultancy service as well as providing an ongoing GIS Managed Service to 45 Housing Associations. ODCGIS have an unrivalled understanding of housing and how GIS really can be used widely across an organisation.



We pride ourselves on delivering innovative technology and services across all our business divisions, whether through PayPoint One, helping our convenience retailer partners run their businesses more efficiently, or our proprietary e-commerce software solutions that have a singular focus on the delivery of great consumer experiences and confidence in the crucial first and last mile of parcel journeys.

We enable payments and commerce for the public and private sector, connecting millions of consumers with over 60,000 retailer partner and SME locations.

Our Vision is to achieve first-time delivery of outstanding technology and services to our customers, create a dynamic place to work for our people and deliver positive outcomes for all our stakeholders.



Plentific is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and Marketplace developed to connect owners, operators, service providers, and residents in a single place, facilitating real-time property operations. Recognised for its award-winning solutions, Plentific helps streamline operations, unlock resources, enhance resident satisfaction, and ensure asset safety. Users benefit from data-driven insights that prompt action, resulting in tangible impact.

Plentific’s solutions include Work Order Management, Resident Engagement, Supply Chain Management, Inspections and Compliance Management.

Committed to building stronger communities where people can thrive, Plentific leverages technology to enhance the lives of 3M+ residents and businesses of 25,000+ service providers worldwide.



ROCC are specialists in delivering smart innovative housing solutions.

We provide organisations in the social housing sector with state-of-the-art solutions to streamline and optimise the repairs and maintenance process. We have implemented over 400 complex projects and our solutions have been trusted to maintain over 1m properties. Let us take you on a transformational journey to improve efficiency, lower maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Our solutions include end-to-end job management, dynamic scheduling, business intelligence and much more. In addition to this, we have a proven track record and a wealth of experience integrating with all housing and asset management systems on the market. Our aim is to make the integration as seamless and simple as possible.

We pride ourselves on being partners to our clients and support them throughout our entire partnership, achieving the best SLA’s in the sector.



At TOPdesk, we believe in helping people do the work they love and do best. To make this happen, we offer a service management solution that combines a ready-to-use tool with dedicated in-house experts.

We don’t just create software for consistently great service delivery. We make sure you can achieve your goals, step by step. Whether you want to focus on self-service or join forces with other service teams, our people have loads of best practices to share.



For over 60 years the aim of our courses, research, culture and campus has been to stimulate, excite and challenge. So from scientific discovery to global policy, from student welfare to career development, Sussex innovates and takes a lead. And today, in every part of society and across the world, you will find someone from Sussex making an original and valuable contribution.

We are at the forefront of research around climate action, biodiversity, sustainable food and the circular economy. We will also continue to be a key enabler and supportive trusted research partner in delivering sustainability regionally, nationally and internationally.


Vericon uses real-time data to Improve the lives of people living in rented accommodation across the country.

Our mission is to enhance the experience of property management and resident living, through innovative connected solutions. By partnering with us, housing providers will gain a multitude of benefits, including streamlined operations, cost savings, enhanced efficiencies, and improved tenant satisfaction.



Voicescape combines artificial intelligence, automation technology, behavioural insights, and data science to create bespoke communication solutions, helping social landlords and local authorities to drive substantial operational efficiencies and service improvements.

Voicescape supports 70+ UK organisations, empowering them to connect with communities at scale across critical touchpoints, including rent arrears collection, customer satisfaction feedback and gas & safety checks, to generate efficiencies which can then be reinvested into supporting more residents’ housing needs. Voicescape delivers value-added solutions for customers, giving residents a voice and ensuring technology is harnessed in ethical and innovative ways to tackle the sector’s greatest challenges.

Working closely in partnership with customers to develop solutions, Voicescape is supporting organisations to tackle challenges exacerbated by the current economic and social climate, delivering exceptional service and value, alongside sector-leading solutions and results.



Xledger is a cloud-based finance software that gives housing associations greater reporting capabilities and control through insight, automation and powerful integrations.

The unique design of the software allows for data reporting across multiple dimensions, giving organisations access to real-time data and complex reporting capabilities. The system can be tailored to different user groups and stakeholders, meaning that data can be accessed by the right people at the right time, and the hierarchy-based design means it doesn’t matter if a housing association has 100 homes or 10,000—Xledger can support finance teams to get them the financial data and insights they need.


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