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Housing Digital is looking for the Top 30 sustainable social housing providers (of all sizes) that can demonstrate they are leading the way on the green agenda and the push for net-zero.

The best providers will be committed to their own sustainability journey, will be able to back up their progress with relevant facts and figures, and will be actively communicating with staff and residents to keep them informed and engaged.

They will also be able to provide specific details – whether it’s retrofitting existing stock, installing ground-source or air-source heat pumps, or pledging to offset carbon emissions. Whatever it is, we want to know.

Achieving net-zero won’t be easy, but we want to show that the social housing sector is more than up to the job.


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Competition breeds innovation – pit yourselves against industry peers to establish where your organisation ranks.


Demonstrate to residents, stakeholders and the wider sector how your organisation is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.


Enhance your corporate profile and gain recognition for your sustainability journey, with each ranked entry being featured on Housing Digital along with receiving a kitemark logo for promotional use for the following 12 months.


Collaborate and share best practice with the other ranked housing providers at the Sustainable Top 30 webinar on 30 June, where the first-placed organisation will be asked to give a presentation on their sustainability journey, along with a follow-up interview piece with the editor of Housing Digital.

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